torsdag 26. desember 2013

Two examples of advent calendars for your business

I personally love the month of December. It is all about giving presents and extra attention to your beloved ones. It also includes my birthday, which also is on the same date as Black Rats birthday (12th. of December) and christmas AND New Years eve. Oh, joy! 

I do love giving gifts and that is why I wanted to make a christmas calendar for Black Rat. As Black Rat also is a part of Designerkollektivet in Oslo, I was also behind the planning of their calendar. So, here they are, two examples on how to make a advent calendar for your company: 


As a teaser I used the collage above. I started out already in October and had a lot of contestants by the start of December. As people sent "Advent" to my email, I pre-sorted out these e-mails and added them continuously to a mailing list. I was determined to let people join all the way to the last day and by the end of the calendar nearly 500 exclusive people have registered. 24 of these were lucky winners :)

I planned each day from the 1st to 24th of December and made a collage for each day. Thank God for the "Planning"-option in Facebook for posting regularly each day at noon. I didn't show any previews of each days prizes except the teaser above. Since Black Rat don't have 24 different styles, some prizes had to be repeated.

How each winner was picked randomly? In Mailchimp you have 4 ways of sorting your mailing list. I used to first pick a number between 1 and 4 to sort, then I picked a number between 1 and the number of active contestants each day. As the number of participants grew each day the sorting also changed.

Pros: You fill the need of giving. You get more attention to your company. The marketing is free (almost)

Cons: Well, you actually give aways items you could have sold and you spend a lot of money on shipping costs. But well, who gives a damn about money anyway? Not me. 


Designerkollektivet consists of 24 different Norwegian designers which actually is a perfect starting point for a calendar of 24 days. BUT, we needed to adapt to our opening hours as not every day were open in December. We started out with a teaser/front page so that our customers could plan a bit:

We made a calendar which gave each brand a day for a special offer or give-away and posted on to our Facebook page one day in advance. Here are some examples:

I truly recommend to make a advent calendar for your business. It feels great to give away a gift each day and it also increase attention to your business. Nothing feels better than fun marketing.

Good luck!

mandag 16. desember 2013

Celebrating one year with Black Rat clothing

12.12.2013 was the date of the Rat. Celebrating a well done first year, we had a big party at F5 Concept Store in Øvre Slottsgate, Oslo. 

Serving Black Rat drinks and "lussekatter", we also showed the guests a little sneek peek of the coming 2014-collection. And in the middle of the night, the-oh-so-fabulous Deathcrush played.

Conclusion: A great night which we have to repeat!

All photos: Jenni Yang

mandag 4. november 2013

F5 Concept Store + Black Rat

The 26th of October the trendy boutique F5 Concept Store reopened after one month of outsourcing their flat to Trendsales. As a part of the opening Black Rat joined their fine clothing selection. 

F5 Concept Store hosts just carefully selected Norwegian brands. For now you can find these brands here:

- Arctander
- Graa
- Camilla Bruerberg
- Christina Ledang
- Karmoie
- Mardou & Dean
- Kvardag
- Lund Projects
- HAiK
- Retusj
- Deep Search
- Haaning & Htoon
- Randi Grønnerød Huseby
- Black Rat

F5 Concept Store
Øvre Slottsgate 5
Opening hours: 10-19 (18)

All photos from

onsdag 25. september 2013

5 helpful books for upcoming entrepreneurs in fashion

Inspiring reading is good to have when you get stuck in your own thoughts of trying to establish your own business. 
Here are my recommendations on good books about the fashion business, and a couple on business in general (click on them to buy them online):
This book made me start this blog. A very good guiding through social medias.

Great book on fashion business from start to end (if there is an end..)
100 clever marketing strategies! Norwegian translation.

How to run a fashion business
How to survive the fashion business

torsdag 19. september 2013

Black Rat in Designerkollektivet

Black Rats first physical store is Designerkollektivet - A great concept which let new designers showcase and sell their products in a super chic boutique Oslo's oldest shopping mall, Glasmagasinet. 

Black Rat is my baby and I am so proud of every step it takes. Obviously. As a proud mother; heres a couple of photos of it, shining in a new store. *sigh*

fredag 13. september 2013

Selling through Miinto

Through Designerkollektivet Black Rat is now available on Miinto - the platform for all kinds of Nordic shops. 

What amazes me most about Miinto is their advertising. I see it everywhere. And it is for sure that they adjust your advertising on which sites you've already visited. I mean, I get Black Rat advertising all the time - with JUST Black Rat products.

fredag 6. september 2013

How the iconic pocket tees are made - DIY

The iconic Black Rat pocket tees has been very popular since day one and it doesn't seem to stop. A lot of people ask me if they are "actually" made in Norway. And yes, people, they actually are. I have gotten the hang of them and thought it would be about time to share the secrets on how they're made.

Here's the UGLA t-shirt. I have also made the styles FLASKE and VINGE (which are cut out of prints with bottles and wings. Logic and nice.) Check them out in our webshop,

An owl printed on canvas is cut into pocket-shaped-pockets (No animals were hurt during this operation) As the print is non-repeated, all pockets gets different. 

All edges are pressed in. Top fold is sewn with a top-stiching. Label is added.

The pocket gets placed onto the t-shirt. One seam around the edges, and BAM! You got yourself a new pocket t-shirt. 

mandag 26. august 2013

6 great fashion films

5 great fashion films, in random order. I cant decide which one is my favorite, it all depends on which side of the industry you want to see. If you see them all you sure have covered most aspects. I am really looking forward to the Thread Documentary which will be about fashion production from start to end.

DESIGNER MOVIE - Coco before Chanel (2009)

DESIGNER DOCUMENTARY - Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton (2007)

A MODELS DIARY - Picture Me (2009)

JOURNALISM AND EDITORIALS - The September Issue (2009)



torsdag 22. august 2013

Visiting Vilnius for clothing production

After getting several advices on checking out production in the Baltics, we went for it and made a flight to Vilnius in Lithuania.

Before we went we made some appointments with different producers and agents in the area around Vilnius. Until now I have only worked with production in China and Turkey, and I must say, production seems much easier in Lithuania. The communication and culture is much more similar to ours. At least, according to the samples we developed there, there are few misunderstandings between us.

We found several producers just by google search and through Norwegian Fashion Institutes website.

In general, we fell in love with Vilnius. It is a very charming small city centre with a lot of tradition and culture. The food is very similar to Norwegian traditional food, but Vilnius has a lot of great Italian restaurants! And... It is very cheap. 1 beer for 5 Litas (10 NOK). We need to go back.

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